Birth Doula Services

Curated support for pregnancy and labor— nurturing you through your journey.

Most expectant parents are overwhelmed by all the information and decisions that need to be made in pregnancy and when preparing for birth. We believe everyone should feel confident in these decisions as they welcome their new baby. Work with one of the NorCal Doulas to help walk you through the process real time— we’re here for you!

The basics:

  • Wide array of local resource connections and access to lending library of the newest and most revered pregnancy, postpartum + parenting books.
  • Evidence based information at your fingertips— we encourage you to choose what is best for you, your baby, and your family!


  • Two in-person prenatal visits; one to discuss your birth preferences and the other for practicing hands-on comfort measures.
  • Unlimited and unbiased phone, text, email and video chat support upon hire and throughout the duration of your pregnancy.


  • Dedicated 24/7 on-call coverage and support beginning at 38 weeks until post-delivery.
  • Continuous labor support when and where you choose— generally birthing people like support while they actively labor at home as well as when they transfer to the hospital or birthing center.

Your new family:

  • Immediate postpartum + chest feeding/bottlefeeding support— we stay until you are comfortable and your new family is settled in after your first feeding session.
  • Virtual postpartum visit and on-going text support to discuss whatever is on your mind. Additional visits are available if requested, see postpartum services for more details.

The Norcal Doula Experience:

Our expertly-crafted team works continuously to normalize your experience and guide you towards the best possible birth outcome— as YOU define it. You know your partner intimately + we know birth intimately. Together, we make a beautiful and collaborative team.

We’ve worked with local families that have encountered the following:

Vaginal birth, epidural birth, unmedicated birth, IVF, vaginal birth after cesarean, cesarean birth, home birth, hospital birth, birth center births, velamentous cord insertion, single umbilical artery, preeclampsia, abortion, miscarriage, preterm labor, Induction of labor, gestational diabetes, symphysis pubis dysfunction, breech babies, twins labor and birth, breast feeding, chest feeding, bottle feeding, formula feeding, supplemental nursing system, syringe feeding, and more.