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A peaceful transition into parenthood is possible with a NorCal Doula by your side! Discover our team of highly trained, un-baised & compassionate doulas.

Who are we? We’re a crew of professionally trained birth + postpartum doulas, passionate about all things birth and baby serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We serve clients in the beautiful mountains of Marin, the bustling villages of San Francisco, the hip and happening East Bay, and the tech-savvy Silicon Valley.

NorCal Doulas are by your side as you navigate the challenges that being a new parent can bring! We work as a team to ensure you are always feeling supported and nurtured, whether you are experiencing your labor journey unfold, or need that extra set of hands once your little one has arrived.

Chelsey Headshot

Chelsey Worth (she / her)

chief empowerment officer, birth + postpartum doula, infant feeding specialist

Chelsey is professionally trained and certified as a birth + postpartum doula as well as an infant feeding specialist. As the mother of her own two children and an active member of her local Marin parenting community, Chelsey intimately knows how very different each birth and baby can be.

SHE HAS A PASSION... for the empowerment of birthing people and aims to reduces fear and instill strength in all the families that she serves. Some clients call Chelsey the “fairy godmother of labor” and others have referred to her as their own personal “baby encyclopedia”. Either one is good to have around in a pinch!

More about Chelsey:

As the labor and birth process unfolds, Chelsey’s priority is in providing her clients with the unbiased, evidence-based guidance and support they need. She believes that everyone should be aware of their options during their birth experience and knows exactly how beneficial the support of a professional doula can be. Chelsey is also a registered yoga teacher; she marries yogic principles, breathing techniques and doula support to create a compassionate and loving space for her clients.

Chelsey lives in Mill Valley with her opera singing husband Matt, their two young children Fenton and Everly, and their Australian Cattle dog, Abigail.


Chalia Simon

(she / her)

birth+ postpartum doula, childbirth educator

Chalia is a trained birth + postpartum doula and provides incredible emotional, informational and physical support to her clients all around the Bay Area.  She also teaches private and small group Childbirth Education classes for NorCal Doulas.  Her experience spans 16+ years in the Bay working with babies of all ages.

HER PASSION...for doula care was originally sparked after the birth of her son; this is when she realized how vital having a support person during this time really is. Chalia is really passionate about helping her clients work towards their goals while developing strong relationships with them built on trust and evidence based information.  Chalia's background in psychology, sociology and special education has given her the ability to take that into her community to help parents advocate for their special needs children.

more about Chalia:

 In her free time, she adores spending time with her 16 year old son, crafting + creating and being around/loving up on animals!

Richelle Clayton

Richelle Clayton

(she / her)

birth + postpartum doula, lactation + childbirth educator, new parent coach

Richelle is a Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth + Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator, New Parent Coach, and Toddler Mom.

HOW SHE BEGAN... Her own journey into parenthood unexpectedly brought her to this work. Although Richelle received wonderful care from the various providers she encountered, what she really needed was a concierge of sorts, someone to act as her tour guide through this transition into parenthood. She wanted a judgment-free zone where she could ask all the “silly” questions, share her fears, understand her options, and find guidance for the endless stream of decisions she didn't feel "qualified" to make.

more about Richelle:

Eighteen months and five+ trainings later, she birthed her own company (From Pregnant to Parent) and is now teaming up with Chelsey to help elevate the perinatal experience for even more new parents. When she's not supporting families, she enjoys spending time with her husband and fun-loving toddler at home in Marin, snuggling with her husky, and wine tasting in Sonoma.

Cherie Seah Flood, birth + postpartum doula, Chinese cultural postpartum support (zuo yuezi), birth photographer extraordinaire (she/they)

Cherie Seah Flood

(she / they)

birth + postpartum doula, Chinese cultural postpartum support {zuo yuezi}, birth photographer extraordinaire

Cherie has an incredible ability to work closely with families to visualize their dream birth, and/or plan the transition to postpartum so that you (and your support team) feel prepared once you are home with your baby.

THEY BELIEVE... in supporting any birthing person regardless of their birthing choices and centers their care around being as inclusive as possible, while holding a safer, judgement free space for folx to share their concerns and fears.

more about Cherie:

Your birthing journey is sacred, and Cherie’s goal is to work with each family and their team to honor each individual parenting journey.

A Cornerstone Doula trained professional, Cherie is a Queer & genderqueer parent of two amazing kids with a super supportive co-parent & partner. She is an immigrant from Singapore & currently resides in Oakland (Chochenyo Ohlone Land). After the birth of their second baby almost didn’t go as planned, their birth confirmed what she already knew - that birth workers & doulas are pivotal in all births.

Cherie is of the co-founders of the Asian Birth Collective, a landing space by and for Asian and Pacific Islander identifying birthing folx that offers birth resources, information and birth stories. Check it out here! (


Crystal Michelle Yescas

(she / her)

birth + postpartum doula, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulation specialist

Stay tuned...

more about Crystal:
annie stephenson

Annie Stephenson

(she / her)

daytime postpartum doula

Annie is passionate about newborns + parent support alike, drawing from her own unique postpartum experience as a mother of four.  Her own challenges lead her to discover postpartum doula support and it only honed her desire to nurture parents who are perhaps experiencing similar bumps along this new transition.

SHE LOVES... to help her clients empower themselves to trust their inner knowing and gain the confidence they need as new parents. 

With over 19 years of experience caring for newborns, Annie understands that no two babies, or families, are alike.  She aims to provide non-judgemental, evidence-based physical + emotional support to all her clients and serves as a wealth of knowledge for postpartum recovery in Marin County and the Bay Area.

more about Annie:

She lives in Mill Valley, CA with my husband, and is a grateful mother of a 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter, and stepmother to 13 and 16 year old girls.

Samara Graunke Doula

Samara Graunke

(she / her)

overnight postpartum doula, newborn care specialist

Samara is a trained and certified postpartum doula as well as a Newborn Care Specialist. She offers emotional, physical, and informational support to families as they make the big transition into their new life with their new baby.

HER GOAL... is to always be available to support and empower each family to feel truly confident and fulfilled in their unique parenting journey.

more about Samara:

She is thrilled to be able to help families integrate their new addition into their lives while also guiding them through a time that feels wonderful yet potentially a bit scary! Samara is here to support you!

Mads Miller Doula

Fiefer Birch

(they / them)

birth doula + postpartum doula, infant feeding specialist

Fiefer is a proud, queer individual and an empathic caregiver at heart. When they began this work, it was important to them that they call attention to, and recognize that there are communities who have notably been excluded from receiving Doula services.  Fiefer + Chelsey partner on most of their births together.

THEIR VISION... Whether it be through the use of gender exclusionary languages or systems that create inaccessibility to many services centered around birthing and childcare, they want to change that notion and be the voice that reaffirms, “You are deserving of a Doula!”

more about Fiefer:

Along this transformational journey into parenthood, Mads is passionate about working together and exploring the ways in which you feel best supported in the process.

They recognize that no family, labor, or baby will be identical and believes wholeheartedly that each deserves to be valued and heard in their own unique way.

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