Postpartum Doula Services

Normalizing the postpartum period + supporting your choices

We have a team of doulas that specialize in helping you create and implement a plan to navigate what lies ahead. We know these times can feel overwhelming, especially in those early morning hours! Our daytime, overnight + live-in postpartum services have helped countless families in the Bay Area get the support they need so they can focus on what really matters.

Our family support is completely customizable to fit your needs.

The basics:

  • An in-depth prenatal consult prior to baby’s birth to learn more about your parenting philosophies and desires. We'll help you to confidently establish routines that fit your new lifestyle and growing family.
  • We offer compassionate care of the birthing parent as they physically recover from childbirth while keeping a close eye on your emotional recovery: our doulas are trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of atypical postpartum recovery, both mental and physical. We will be by your side to get you the support you need.

Infant care:

  • Not sure why babies don't come with an instruction manual? We're here to help guide you through the not-so-basics of newborn care: feeding, diapering, bathing, sleep guidance, and more! We're also up to date on the newest baby products-- what works and what doesn't -- so you don't have to spend hours digging through the dozens of "What To Buy For A New Baby" lists!
  • The NorCal Doula Team has extensive training on feeding support including chest feeding, bottle feeding, positioning, latch, breast + nipple care, pumping and human milk storage, alternative means of milk transfer...all while affirming your feeding choices!

The support you need:

  • We help create those special opportunities for you spend time with older siblings, rest or catch up on emails. Sometimes you need a local resource referral or a cultivated connection with the go-to pelvic floor therapist...we've got you!
  • As always, our support is unconditional + unbiased. Our access to evidence-based information is at your fingertips so you can feel encouraged to make the best choices for you, your baby, and your family.

The little things:

  • Our doulas focus on the little things that go a long way; preparation of light, nutritious meals to encourage and support your healing, support with outings, whether that's the first pediatrician appointment or a trip to Target to stock up on your favorite snacks or diapers.

The Norcal Postpartum Experience:

Our professionally trained + certified postpartum doulas are here to guide you through this major life transition, day or night! Postpartum services vary with each family we support; they also shift and morph as time progresses. Postpartum support is completely customizable to fit your family’s unique needs.

We’ve worked with local families that have encountered the following:

Vaginal birth, epidural birth, unmedicated birth, IVF, vaginal birth after cesarean, cesarean birth, home birth, hospital birth, birth center births, velamentous cord insertion, single umbilical artery, preeclampsia, abortion, miscarriage, preterm labor, Induction of labor, gestational diabetes, symphysis pubis dysfunction, breech babies, twins labor and birth, breast feeding, chest feeding, bottle feeding, formula feeding, supplemental nursing system, syringe feeding, and more.